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Please Donate

The United Strings of Color does not charge participants for any of our programs

 so we are reliant on the generosity of donors.

Please click the button below for online donations

or mail a check to:

United Strings of Color

736 Linda Court

Cary NC 27513


Individual Donors 2023-24

Angels $1,000 and above

Chacona Baugh

John and Nancy Lambert

Cary Festivals Committee


Benefactors $500 - $999

Linda Partridge Alderson And Nicholas R Alderson


Supporters $250 - $499

The Law Offices of John Eluwa, PLLC

Richard and Kathie Fleck

Mike Owens


Partners $100 - $249

Trinity and Stephen Anderson

Dale Batchelor and John Thomas

The Chang Family (Tony, Katy, Kevin, Stephen)

Christin Danchi

Michele Gora

Tamieka Howell

Tonu Kalam

David Marschall

The William Miller Family

Timothy Myers

Margaret Partridge

Leann Nelson 

LaShawn Piquant

Cecilie Pope

Suzanne Rousso

Alice Wang


Friends up to $99

Danyelle Butler          

Sarah Corrin

Michael & Lorraine Daugherty

Katherine Gora Combs

Timothy Holley

Amantia Kennedy

Justine Knight

Susanna Lambert       

Hugh McElrath

Melody Peters

Mona Roberts

Carrie Shull

Evelyn Steward

Al Sturgis

Jennifer Wang

William Weisser

Steve and Janis Wilkinson

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