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Music Discovery

united strings color feb 2023 reduced_ed

The What Makes Music, Music ?  program delves into musical elements such as Rhythm, Melody, Dynamics, Forms and Texture.  This program was funded in part by  a 2023 Lazy Daze Grant from the Cary Festivals Committee, 

A new work by composer, Elmer Gibson, premiered in September 2023.

Titled, Evoking the Spirit of Hambone , it utilizes an important historical musical tradition of the early American South.

Elmer Gibson
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Out thanks to Cary's Festivals Committee for funding support!

Through a partnership with the Raleigh Chapter of The Links Incorporated, United Strings of Color has brought Music Discovery to Southeast Raleigh Elementary School for two years. In this video, the musicians are demonstrating the musical element "rhythm".

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